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WBLTour Project 3rd Newsletter


The activities of the Project “Development of Partnerships through Intermediary Platforms for the Support of WBL/ Apprenticeship Schemes in Tourism- WBLTour” are ongoing! The project's Pilot Implementation Phase will start very soon. The aim of these activities is to monitor the efficiency of the project’s apprenticeship approach methodology on three students/workers from each partner country, one for each professional profile (housekeeper, receptionist, cook). For more information, you may download the WBLT 3rd Newsletter EN  

WBLTour Project 3rd Newsletter2020-02-13T15:31:10+02:00

Launching the project’s Pilot Implementation Activities


Are you a student at lower and upper-secondary level, early school leaver or NEET? Choose an apprenticeship program which combines on-line training with internship and follow a new path for your insertion in the labour market in the tourism sector. A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE PROJECT: The project “Development of Partnerships through Intermediary Platforms for the support of WBL/Apprenticeship schemes in Tourism- WBLTour” is inserted in the Program Erasmus+ of the European Commission and is co-funded at 80% by the European Union. The project Consortium includes local authorities, vocational education and training organizations and Social Partners from three Southern European countries, [...]

Launching the project’s Pilot Implementation Activities2020-02-17T14:27:52+02:00