The project “Development of Partnerships through Intermediary Platforms for the support of WBL/Apprenticeship schemes in Tourism”-WBLTour aims to support the development of partnerships, between VET providers, enterprises and other actors through the creation of intermediary platforms/partnerships.

These platforms, will support the implementation of a large scale of work based learning /apprenticeship schemes with the adoption of duly contextualized high-standard blended VET and work-placed learning practice, in the Tourism sector.

  • Project Start Date: 1/11/2017
  • Project End Date: 31/10/2019
  • Project Total Duration: 24 months


  • The development of effective partnerships between the VET training, providers, enterprises, business mentors, local and regional authorities and social partners for the delivery of work-based learning and WBL/apprenticeship in the tourism sector.
  • The establishment of “partnerships”, in Greece, Spain and Italy, which will facilitate the engagement of all the partners involved and the offering of good quality WBL schemes.
  • The preparation of a roadmap for an expanded and high-quality work-based learning in initial and continuous VET, in the Tourism sector, based on “good practice” at EU level.


  • National report regarding the State of the art of apprenticeship in Tourism sector (Greece, Italy, Spain) – Good Practices in Europe

  • Knowledge and Skills needs assessment and training needs analysis for 3 professional profiles of the Tourism sector in the three partner countries

  • Set up of three intermediary platforms

  • Design of Curricula and training courses for the 3 selected professional profiles in the Tourism Sector

  • Pilot Implementation

  • Quality Management Plan / External Evaluation

  • Dissemination and Exploitation of results