The heart of the project: seven partners from three European countries.

Project partners’ golden paragraphs

Lead Partner

Hellenic Management Association, Greece

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Hellenic Management Association (HMA), which was established in 1962 is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to contribute to the promotion, dissemination and promulgation of modern management principles, methods and practices. HMA has members, both corporate – enterprises and organisations of the private and public sector – and individuals – medium and top-level executives, entrepreneurs, professors and students. Today HMA rates among the five largest Management Associations worldwide in terms of Membership and Activities.

Insete, Greece

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INSETE is a non-profit organisation founded in early 2013, on the initiative of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), by four partners with intense activity in critical areas of the Greek tourism market: SETE (principal partner), the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation (HHF), the Hellenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies (HATTA) and the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Rented Rooms and Apartments (SETKE).

INSETE’s goal-mission is to contribute with well-substantiated ideas to promoting both public and private policies that will support, modernise and improve the Greek tourism sector and any other service sector which is directly or indirectly associated with it.

Municipality of Syros-Ermoupolis, Greece

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MUNICIPALITY OF SYROS ERMOUPOLIS is a Regional authority, capital of the Cyclades region. Municipality of Syros-Ermoupolis contains 3 municipalities: Municipality of Ano Syros, Ermoupolis and Posidonia. As Syros is a very popular tourist destination, the Municipality is highly activated in the tourism sector in the following sectors: Promotion of the unique characteristics of the island, emphasis in thematic tourism (cultural tourism, sports tourism, religious tourism, city break, scholar and educational tourism, geological tourism, gastronomic tourism, wedding tourism and maritime tourism (yachts, marinas, water sports) and participation in European programs / networks.


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ARIS FORMAZIONE E RICERCA operates in the field of vocational training, research and consultancy. It is an agency setted up by Legacoop Umbria in 1987 to support the whole cooperative regional movement operating in different sectors: tourism, social services, social inclusion, consumers, buildings, housing, agriculture, logistics multi-services and facility management.

Aris promotes active citizenship, mobility, international cooperation and training. We believe in inclusion and participation in all forms and all levels. We want to create new spaces for public life, because citizens themselves are able to provide answers to the needs of younger generations.

Aris firmly supports the building of a solidarity and acceptance of Europe founded on the ideals of democracy, peace, tolerance of diversity. We do this through non formal education, learning by doing, learning at work in an intercultural framework. We believe that education and training is a right, regardless of cultural, social and economic obstacles.


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CONSORZIO ITACA SOCIETA COOPERATIVA is a Co-operative Consortium operating at National level in Italy. The Consortium members are 34 co-operatives operating in the field of protection and natural promotion through sustainable tourism. The main importance of the consortium in this project is related to the SUN – Sistema Umbria Natura (Umbian Nature System). Consorzio Itaca promoted and set up this network with the aim to manage the natural parks and protected areas with the objective of local economical development and employment based on sustainable tourism and related environmental activities. Legambiente Nazionale , WWF Umbria, ARIS formazione e ricerca, CIA Umbria, Coldiretti Regione Umbria, CST Assisi (Tourism Study Centre ), Federparchi,, FIAVET Nazionale, Legacoop Turismo, Jack Blutharsky group, Style Libero, Trekking – Clementi Gruop, Un’Altra Cosa Travel, AIGAE Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche, Umbria On Line, Consorzio Itaca make up the SUN network.


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CÁMARA OFICIAL DE COMERCIO, INDUSTRIA Y SERVICIOS DE ZARAGOZA represents an area of almost 1 million inhabitants and 65.218 companies. It is a Public Law Corporation aiming at encouraging the public-private dialogue by representing, promoting and defending the general interests of Commerce, Industry and Services of the province of Zaragoza vis-à-vis the Public Administration, as well as at promoting and developing the green sustainable competitiveness of the private sector by providing differential high quality services such as promotion of internationalization, support to entrepreneurs, e-commerce, etc.

The Chamber of Zaragoza was founded in 1886 and currently it counts 45 high-qualified specialists, who have great expertise in the design and provision of services focused on helping and supporting our SMEs by training, advising and promoting activities. The Department of training and Employment is one of the biggest and most important departments in the Chamber. Its main target groups are companies and their employees as well as those who are actively looking for employment or in an entrepreneurship process. This Department has a large expertise and experience in the design of the training programs (workshops and modules) according to the needs of the companies.


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FORMACIÓN Y ASESORES EN SELECCIÓN Y EMPLEO SL is a training centre officially acknowledged by the regional government and the office of employment as a training provider center. The main areas of expertise are: Vocational and continuous training centre, job Placement and Employability Agency, on line training center, edition of multimedia didactic methods, development of web applications, international Education Projects and consulting in training and human resources. More than 100 training courses and 11 official certificates of professionalism are offered by FASE on the following topics: Hospitality & Tourism, Customer attention, Trading abroad, e- marketing, community manager, Social competences, management, leadership, Multimedia applications, graphic design, Languages and Third Sector (attention to minority groups, providing care for dependent, caretaker of dependents). The tourism courses offered are the following: Tourism development agent, touristic animator, rural tourism entrepreneur, implementation of the Quality standard for tourism, hotel receptionist, tourist information technician and rural tourism.