Are you a student at lower and upper-secondary level, early school leaver or NEET?

Choose an apprenticeship program which combines on-line training with internship and follow a new path for your insertion in the labour market in the tourism sector.


The project “Development of Partnerships through Intermediary Platforms for the support of WBL/Apprenticeship schemes in Tourism- WBLTour” is inserted in the Program Erasmus+ of the European Commission and is co-funded at 80% by the European Union. The project Consortium includes local authorities, vocational education and training organizations and Social Partners from three Southern European countries, Spain, Italy and Greece.
The Project aims to support the development of partnerships, between VET providers, enterprises and other actors through the creation of intermediary platforms, that will support the implementation of a large scale of work based learning/apprenticeship schemes with the adoption of duly contextualized high-standard blended VET and work-placed learning practice in the tourism sector.


The project’s pilot implementation activities include the participation in apprenticeship programs in the 3 participating to the project countries: Greece, Italy and Spain. Particularly, 3 beneficiaries from each country (one participant per selected professional profile: receptionist, housekeeper and cook) will participate in apprenticeship programs which will have the following structure: 220 hours of internship in a tourist company and 80 hours of on-line training through the project’s e-platform. After the finalization of the training will follow the evaluation process and in the end a certificate of attendance will be issued.

If you wish to take part in the project’s Pilot Implementation Activities, you may fill in the WBLTour – EXPRESSION OF INTEREST and send it to