In March 11th was held in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Zaragoza, in close cooperation with Formación y Asesores en Selección y Empleo (FASE), the Info-Day that was planned to carry out according to the project proposal, under the title «The restauration business of SXXI: Challenges for professionals. The professional career of cooks today and tomorrow.»

During this conference, the WBLTour project, its objectives, activities and results, were presented to more than 50 attendees. In addition, the challenges that restaurants professionals have to face and the trends that they must know to gain competitiveness were discussed, as well as the technical and transversal competences that young cooks must have.

Furthermore, the companies that attended the seminar were invited to be part of the Spanish intermediary platform, which was presented to them in detail in order they could better understand its mechanism and its objectives.